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Sa 27.04., 20:00 Uhr
Ort: Zinnschmelze
Maurienstraße 19, 22305 Hamburg
Veranstalter: Zinnschmelze

Eintritt: AK 16,00 € / 12,00 € , VVK 12,00 €
The band "Dobranotch" was set up in 1998 in France where a company of friends musicians from St.Petersburg, Russia was driven by wanderlust and the love of fresh musical experiences. After some years of travels the band came back to St. Petersburg to get a new lineup and new sound. "Dobranotch" performs Jewish, Gypsy and Balkan traditional music, drawing on deep knowledge of traditions, rich experience in traveling and interacting with traditional musicians from different countries. The band's repertoire also includes Russian songs of the golden age of brass bands. Throughout its existence "Dobranotch" has toured across more than twenty countries of the world and recorded seven albums. One can hear the band's music in TV series, feature films and documentaries. The band "Dobranotch" sounds equally convincing on philharmonic stages and in clubs and on open air festivals. It is not uncommon that the musicians of the band come down off the stage to play right among the audience, as their predecessors did at weddings a hundred years ago.

ab 16 Jahre
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